Final Shakes!

We’re closing up shop for the night, head over to the Bakery for some last minute snacks! Two new releases, everything must go!

Asaki’s Update

I think I’ve been updating my booth wrong, so I’m going to try and see if I can do it correctly this time:   If you haven’t visited in a while, I had a big update on Thursday, so head on over to the Bakery for half-price on day-olds!   …I mean, if you’re into chunky Atari pixels, wandering aimlessly, hyphenated words, and weird stuff like that ¬_¬

Asaki’s Quakin’ Shake Bakery


07/30/16: Closing Time!   Well, here we are, at the end of another Quake Expo, and you’re just in time for a fresh batch of Legacy Online! Sorry, I haven’t come up with a better name for it, yet.     In addition to the aforementioned tweaks, I’ve added some very preliminary dungeon code. Touch any lair to enter it, or use the cheat below. I’ve also repackaged the game…