JUST over the wire! (Profile Quake)

Just kidding. Im way late. My apologies.   It’s with great pride, and a heavy dose of shame that I release to you Profile Quake! It was mere moments ago that I managed to get this operating in a reasonably releasable state so without further ado! https://www.dropbox.com/s/u5xdpd2qhpzq0v4/profileQuakev0.0.zip?dl=0

gnounc’s booth – Profile Quake

Insert xkcd joke here

  Profile Quake is a quick n dirty leaderboard mod, one that aspires to be a methodical and clean leaderboard mod. Gamecode is here and you can Register here In the coming days the leaderboards will be available on www.gnounc.xyz, in the meantime if you register and setup Profile Quake, you can begin tracking your stats immediately! Acheivements are also in, for those of you (everybody) who wants a feature…