Blood Omnicide

Blood Omnicide Preview is over 29/07/2016, now it’s time to test wrath of the Pillars.


Blood Omnicide is a project to port Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain in 3D using Darkplaces engine. The main goal is to save original game’s feel and provide nearly same gameplay and balance. By the way there are many improvements & innovations, just because of the nature of porting. Most critical ones are optional in order not to violate game experience. Second goal is to provide game SDK that is open for modifications and additions so Omnicide can be used as a base for expansion packs and mods created in the world of Blood Omen. Therefore, map editor and gamecode source are included with the game.
Blood Omnicide is a modification, it provides a patch to port original game to new rendering pipeline. Blood Omnicide require original PC or Playstation version of Blood Omen in order to play. IF YOU DON’T HAVE BLOOD OMEN, YOU CAN STILL PLAY PREVIEW VERSION OF BLOOD OMNICIDE BY SELECTING “I DON’T HAVE BLOOD OMEN” OPTION DURING INSTALLATION.

WHAT’s NEW IN v0.1?

Blood Omnicide v0.1 is next big step from Blood Omnicide Demo released in 2011:

  • Gameplay from Prologue til Nachtholm
  • Lots of new game features
  • Complete overhaul of graphics pipeline
  • Now build on modified Darkplaces engine
  • Embedded map editor, physic viewer, particles editor, decorator and more
  • New “Echoes of Omnicide” modern soundtrack from Kyle ♓ Myers
  • Five languages embedded: English, Italian, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian
  • and more, please visit complete feature list at Blood Wiki


Installer (970Mb): download blood_omnicide_v0.1 setup


Blood Omnicide comes in the form of installer, which provides game installation in two steps:

  • Step 1: Copying of Blood Omnicide files
  • Step 2: Installation of Blood Omen files

During the installation process you will be prompted to insert a disk or give a path to a image files of Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain for PC or for PlayStation, or select “I don’t have Blood Omen” option. Once the game is installed, you can reinstall Blood Omen resources by running “setup.exe” (if you want to switch from demo to full version).


To play game, run “launch.exe” and run new game.

  • Use Arrows to move Kain.
  • Use “Alt” to attack.
  • Use “Ctrl” to activate object/suck blood.
  • Use “Shift” to cast spell.
  • Use “F1” to open Inventory.
  • Use F2/F3/F4 to switch between form/spell and artifact.
  • Use F6 to view map.
  • Use F9/F10 to turn camera around.
  • Use F11 to adjust gamma in game (more precise gamma control available in video options)


If you have any issues or questions regarding the game, consider visiting our official web-page: and using the feedback form.

Known issues and ways to avoid them are available at Blood Wiki  .


  1. Those changes to darkplaces sound great, how is the content creation tool chain for it? Is there an easier to use terrain editor?
    I would love to see some of these changes back-ported to the regular Darkplaces, maybe the more active Xonotic branch? Would be a shame if no other DP projects could benefit from them.

  2. Thank you for question! Well, engine and compiler changes are already public and hosted at github:

    Content chain is: netradiant (with rwgtool plugin) + ingame editor (decorator, rtlights editor, effects editor, model viewer) + bloodmap (q3map2 fork) + some more tools (new md3 exporter for 3ds max, ase importer for 3ds max and so on) + dpomnicide (darkplaces fork). Terrains are .ase model (brush-based ones is supported too). .shaders for terrain are automatically generated from material lists (to provide each-to-each layering). Maps are q3bsp. Vegetation is misc_models with automatic grouping feature (lots of misc_models are grouped to single submodel, there are tricks to extensively merge small vegetation for speed and for vertex animation).

    Of couse this needs alot of documentation and in some ways pretty complex… Some descriptions already exist in in the form of wiki: . But, we are going to start with live examples (devkit and map sources to be included).

    I will be happy if some of changes will become a useful asset for quake community.

  3. Hey,

    this new version is great! Can you also put in the Heart of Darkness description? I have noticed you are still using the old, goofy look of the Pillars´ icons, could you update them to SR2 style instead?

      1. Surely the mission is to make improvements where possible? A simple texture change is hardly difficult, but apparently it is possible to edit, so that´s good.

    1. Maybe. We need someone to do the engine porting (well, actually, port the dpomnicide changes) and testing. Installer cannot be ported (but it works on WINE).

  4. everything is amazing, prime!! Just great!
    Just curious, but are you going to change out the sprites?
    everything is so crisp and then the old blurred sprites kinda clash. Nothing against it at all, just curious that’s all.

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