Booth highlights: the post-apocalypse never looked so good

Last of the V8s

Developed by Vera Visions and based on the FTEQW engine, The Wastes is an upcoming FPS featuring hot vehicles, a wide range of armaments, and multiplayer mayhem in the quest for basic survival.  But the dismal future brings a couple bright spots:  no speed limits holding back supercharged musclecars, and no online accounts required.  Keep an eye on The Wastes booth in the coming days for more news and media!
Open Vehicle Combat  Drivers



I kill zombies.  So I can work harder.  So that I get perks.  So I can kill more zombies.

What grim future would be complete without fighting the undead for survival?  in topdown view??  LTH leaves but a tantalizing screenshot.  Stay tuned to The Horror for more info soon, I hope.




“LyonX: we’re in warmup mode now. the game doesn’t begin until you type ‘ready’ into the console…”

Nip evil in the bud with your QuakeWorld skills and it will never come to apocalypse, at least to the Metro Subway.

Duel of Death: A Quake Story  is the world’s first Quake novella.  (That’s why you may also check it via the ‘writings’ menu.)  From the jacket:  In this fast paced action novel, the drama flows between the real world and the world only known to Quakers.

Cover for Duel of Death
Cover for Duel of Death



Chaos, Madness, Demon/tech horde onslaughts, giant bug infestation, Elmo:  Signs that your civilization may have collapsed.

SuperDuper Quake 3.3  is a subtle and slow-paced stealth mod, just as much about admiring refined architectural beauty as it is about avoiding conflict.  …nah, it’s an over-the-top carnival of ED-209 loin bots and “explode freeze blow zapping everything in sight”!  SuperDuper mixes humor with excessive destruction and a massive array of creative weaponry.  Download the latest version from Dropbox or the project’s moddb home page.

Bug Mode
Bug Mode!


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