Booth Updates for Day 2

Welcome to the recap of Booth Updates for Day 2 of Quake Expo 2016. The updates keep rolling in, so let’s get to it!


First we have Ionous who has updated us with more of a tease than an actual update. He says that he will be revealing something new on Thursday, so make sure to be around for that because I’m sure it’ll be great!


Next up we have an update from gnounc who announces that Profile Quake is now available for download! Profile Quake is a mod that allows leaderboards and achievements in Quake, so if you’re an achievement hunter, be sure to check this out!


Our last Booth update from Day 2 comes from frag.machine and he is showing off his mod Realms of Quake (RoQ). He is attempting to create an RPG in our favorite FPS  and it looks promising. He decided to show us a bunch of new screenshots from the upcoming mod.


That’s all for Day 2, be sure to come back tomorrow for more! There are plenty more updates to come so stay tuned!