Booth Updates for Day 3

Welcome to the recap of Booth Updates for Day 3 of Quake Expo 2016. Today we have 2 updates for you to check out, so let’s get to it!


First up we start with a non-Quake update, as peeweeRotA lets us know that his mod for Hexen II, Game of Tomes, has a new version available! The mod aims to enhance the RPG elements that already exist in the game and of course add a bunch of other goodies in the process. On an added note, you can actully watch peewee develop Game of Tomes live on Twitch throughout Quake Expo 2016. Check out his twitch channel for more info!


Second we have an update from Irritant that shows off the Martians from Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars. It features a bunch of screenshots of the martians and some information about them as well. He promises to talk about the humans on the next update!


That’s all for Day 3 but there will be more updates to come, so stick with us!