Generation 3 of Alien Arena – Human resistance.

Generation 3 Commander, Enforcer (CRX in-game renderer) (Diffuse+normal+glow+specular+subsurface light scatter+self shadowmap)


For this update, I’m going to show a couple of the new human characters, and show their evolution.  I did all of these renders in Deep Exploration without normalmapping, simply to put the focus on the skin texture, and because the older versions didn’t have normalmaps for comparison’s sake.  The humans in Alien Arena have always been a focus, with influence in design ranging from Q3 to UT3.  Early on, the design of the humans took on a heavy Quake 3 influence as can be seen here with the Generation 1 Enforcer:


Gen 1 Enforcer (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)


With Generation 2, the Enforcer’s look was much more influenced by UT as shown here:


Generation 2 Enforcer (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)


A new character was added in Generation 2, the Commander – which again, had some UT/Quake influences in design:


Generation 2 Commander (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)



With Generation 3, the Commander was redone, but portions were retained from Gen 2.  A higher polycount, and greater attention to detail, and a style that had a strong UT3 influence, as I just loved that style of human player models:


Generation 3 Commander (Deep Exploration Renderer) (diffuse+glow)



The Generation 3 Enforcer was redone now based somewhat off of the Commander:


Generation 3 Enforcer (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)



The female model, Lauren 8 received a major update as well, changing to something that sort of resembled a Doom/Halo concept, to something a little better proportioned and more obviously female, but I tried to retain elements of the original when redoing the skin.  While there was a Lauren 8 1st generation model, part of her influence was also taken from the 1st generation “Infantry” model, which was intended to be male but many thought was female due to it’s stature.


Generation 1 Infantry (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)



Generation 2 Lauren (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)



Generation 3 Lauren (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)



That’s it for today…next update will be about the robotic player characters(overlord/rustbot/slashbot).