Quakespasm with IRC (twitch) chat – Preview – GET HYPED!

Quakespasm-IRC is a modification of the popular Quake 1 engine Quakespasm to support IRC chat.


Shiny features!:


  • Coloured chat text!
  • Both incoming and outgoing chat!
  • Customisable nickname!
  • Ability to leave and join channels!
  • Password stored in plain-text in config.cfg (shh it’s a feature).
  • A warning message to not set your password while streaming.
  • Hopefully no bugs.
  • Random shit-posting from twitch users.



IRC in Quake....!
IRC in Quake….!


  1. Very cool!

    The game Toxikk implemented IRC chat as well into their game within the last year.

    Looking forward to this. Think it’ll be useful coz now people playing Quake(spasm) can just type a msg if they feel like playing with others. I often host random coop and pvp games with friends but the only other people who know about them are those checking the darkplaces browser.

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